Tired of Cards Against Humanity? Loved it, but want something new?

The newest game from the creators of OUTBURST and TABOO!
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Midnight Outburst is the shout-out Party Game of inappropriate Top 10 lists—a wild, raunchy and definitely “adults only” version of the classic game. So you can forget about all that stuff you learned in school—with Midnight Outburst, you and your friends will show off your knowledge of what’s really important in life—like drinking games, bodily functions, recreational drugs, genital slang, music and more.
  • That’s right. ..no pain. Midnight Outburst makes the party happen with ease. Easy to learn. Quick to play. Tons of content so it’s always fresh fun.

    Social Lubrication.
    That’s right…no pain.

    Midnight Outburst makes the party happen with ease. Simple to learn. Quick to play. Tons of content so it’s always fresh fun.

  • MidnightOutburst_ProductShot_FullBrain Freeze?
    Not with Midnight Outburst! You already know this stuff…it’s called ‘street smarts.’

    And because you’re playing in teams it’s never just about your memory. You can rely on those other donkeys!

  • Who?
    This is a game for adults. Consenting adults. 😉

    In fact, it’s very adult. Slang, sexuality, real world outrageousness and adult laughter. It’s not your dad’s party game!

• The Shout-Out-Loud Party Game • Played in 2 Teams
• 584 Highly Inappropriate Top 10 Lists – That’s tons of content for tons of repeat play!
• WARNING: Not Safe for Work! (Unless you work with really cool people)

  • 300x300_images-02How to play:
    Pick any two cards, and read the Headline Hints.

    Would you rather play “A Reptile Dysfunction” or “Slippery When Waxed?”  You’ll have to guess at the topic, these are just hints.

  • 300x300_images-04Put the card into the red-reveal reader. Now read the real topic to the playing team.

    They pick “Slippery When Waxed” so read the topic: Waxing Styles for “Down There.”

    The team now has 45 seconds to shout out as many answers as they can.

  • 300x300_images-03When the 45 seconds is over, score one point for each answer that matches an answer on the card.

    Roll the dice to see if they earn bonus points.

    The first team to score 45 points wins!

Impress your friends with your amazing repertoire of all things naughty.
Midnight Outburst.
Great for game nights, parties, or for turning an otherwise boring night into a party.